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Find out if you're exam day ready by signing up for a 1:1 session!

Here is what is included in your investment:

  • You are paired with a member of our NP success team who will meet with you on Zoom. During this session, you have the ability to be quizzed on specific topics or at random to simulate your exam day experience.
  • At the end of your session, you will be told whether you are ready to test. If you are not ready quite yet - no worries! You will then be given a game plan on how to move forward and reconfigure your studying process for success.
  • We have completed thousands of these 1:1 sessions for our live study group students, and they have consistently been an effective tool in determining readiness and increasing confidence levels!
  • We are only offering limited spots each month to the public. Click the link below to see the current available dates! If no dates are listed, it is because this month is sold out.
*Do not purchase these sessions if you plan to or have already enrolled in the live study group program. These sessions are offered to live study group students at a heavily discounted rate.
Current 1:1 spots available!