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Have you been looking for a review course that actually holds you accountable?

If so, it's time to sign up for the next live study group session!

Here is what is included in your investment:

  • 5 weeks of Comprehensive Course access ($380+ value!)
  • A day-by-day study calendar that tells you exactly which course videos to watch throughout the 5 weeks!
  • Interactions with at least two board certified nurse practitioners who will lead your group through practice questions and discussions in a private Slack channel!
  • Eight hours of live sessions with Sarah Michelle and your peers! These are broken down into biweekly 4 hour sessions from 2-6 pm EST after you have completed the required parts of the study calendar!
  • Eligible for 21 CE hours upon completion of the program from AANP!
  • A passing guarantee! YES - you read that right! If you don't pass on your first try, then we will stand behind you and give you course access again for free!

The sign up link below will shut off when the live study group is full! Check back for details about the next live session if so - or reach out to [email protected]!

$600 One-time Investment

Jan 2nd-Feb 5th session : Enroll now >>>
11/21-12/25 sessions : SOLD OUT
Click here to see session dates and waitlists for 2022!

Check out how students are feeling after this program!

Meet Jennifer - she graduated last year, and she is finally ready to tackle her board exam now that she has completed her live study group program! She has used other programs before, but has found the most confidence and overall ease after utilizing Sarah Michelle's sessions!

(Update: She now has passed her exam on her very first try!)


Sarah P

"I feel like I can honestly say that I learned more from doing Sarah Michelle's courses than I have in all of nursing school and all of nurse practitioner school! I feel so ready!"

Geri B

"Sarah Michelle's attitude and positivity has made all the difference for me! It's a totally different atmosphere than the other courses I have completed previously."

Kristin M

"I can’t get my ticket to test for the ANCC soon enough. I’m ready! I feel as prepared as I’m going to be right now after completing Sarah Michelle's live study group program!"